Condo Kitchen Rehab

A complete kitchen rehab that included removal of hallway and load-bearing walls between the kitchen and living room and the installation of a structural I-beam. The cabinets are IKEA red lacquered, while the island was a custom shape using stock cabinets. The main feature includes (3) stock wine refrigerators installed under the arced upper breakfast counter. The floors are real cork "Pergo"-style flooring and the counters are 'Absolute Black' granite, but with an unusual suede textured finish.

Master Bedroom Renovation

This project involved the update of a classic bedroom that had been neglected and abused. While the "bones" were great: two tall windows that let sun in, a central fireplace with a great brick surround and pocket doors. But it suffered what many old rooms have: so-called "improvement" over the years such as wall paneling and fluorescent ceiling lights.

Apartment Living Room Renovation

This classic Living Room was suffering from decades of neglect, but had great features such as a high ceiling, two bright windows with a Bay view, an incredible fireplace and a nice built-in cabinet. All surfaces were cleaned and repaired, then repainted with period colors.